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Welcome to the Honda Prelude WikiEdit

This wiki is intended as an ever-growing resource for all generations of the Honda Prelude. It will largely consist of articles regarding maintenance and modification, but build articles memorializing great Preludes are very welcome.

Our MissionEdit

Our mission is to create the premier go-to resource for Honda Prelude maintenance and modification. The problem this wiki is intended to solve is the poor categorization and searchability of forums. Though the many existing Prelude forums have a wealth of information, that information is often very difficult to find once time has passed. Though "sticky" threads do help this problem, the constraint of the forum format limits their usefulness as informative comments in those stickies can be burried in pages and pages of ultimately unuseful comments. If certain threads are to be borrowed or heavily referenced from these forums, as a courtesy to their original creators, please include a link to the original thread.

If you've ever made a thorough, comprehensive write-up for any process related to a Honda Prelude, please create a page for it here!

Latest activityEdit